If you're interested in giving things a shot on your own, here are some tips for getting started:

Decide what you're going to do, declare it, then DO IT!
Goal: I want to write more.
TinyChallenge version of goal: Write one sentence per day for 30 days.
Theme: Gratitude (Write about one thing per day that I am grateful for.)
When: Right before I get into bed to go to sleep. (Find a pocket of time in front of or behind something you do every day, even when you travel, or on days off.)

Here are some planning tips:


Your topic can be about anything. Writing, fun, self-improvement, health, gratitude, relationships, life, work... ANYTHING.

Choose something that matters to you, something that gets you excited! Here's a list of a few ideas, you're welcome to use these or come up with your own.

Need more help choosing something? Join our Slack community for ideas, inspiration and support!


Think of the tiniest possible step you can take toward that goal and define simple parameters. Break it down so small, you can't NOT do it. The simpler, the better. For many of us, 15 minutes a day is still too much time to commit to. Think SMALLER.

For example, if you have a goal to write more, write only what you can with a 5-minute timer set for a one-month sprint. Or write only one sentence per day. Do not get stuck on editing or content value. Just write.

Want to tone your arms? Do one just ONE pushup every day for one month. You can grow your efforts and output over time, the most important thing is to start. And start TINY! Carve out the time and the routine with #tinychallenges first.


Decide WHEN (before or after what routine event in your day-to-day life) you will knock out your "5-minutes or less" task, and commit to it. Look for moments of consistency that occur no matter where you are. The key is to insert your challenge directly BEFORE or AFTER something you already do every single day, regardless of your location. (inspired by tinyhabits.com)  Some things people do every day regardless of location:
Wake up. Get dressed. Use the restroom. Brush teeth. Get ready for bed.

Worried you won't know what to do for each day of your challenge? Use a list or to think out at least 15-20 "starters".
Here's an example starter-list done in a GoogleDoc.

Think of it as setting yourself up for success!
Don't beat yourself up if you miss a day. Pick it back up and finish! Celebrate the days that you DO accomplish your daily objective.


Sharing creates evidence of your effort, so you can look back and see what you've done. Community keeps us honest, encouraged and inspired. Check out our COMMUNITY page for more info on sharing your #tinychallenges!