Tiny, month long challenges that give you the kick-in-the-pants you need to do MORE.



Tinychallenges was started as a monthly challenge experiment to push through personal fears, boundaries and excuses. Over time, and with collaboration and more people participating, we've refined the path to success! Tinychallenges can be done for fun, or for deeper, more meaningful reasons.

Tiny is Fun!

We encourage you to keep it lighter, and more fun to start. Once you get a feel for how it all works, then you can make adjustments to take on deeper challenges that push your boundaries, help overcome fears, and build on your natural sense of discovery and exploration. 

Tiny Bits Add Up. 

It's astounding what you end up with after doing something tiny every single day for one month. After completing two, three or more months, you'll look back and have a bank of something amazing that YOU created. You can keep it all about fun and play, or over time, you can learn how to leverage tinychallenges to support bigger goals and overcoming bigger challenges. We have a great community to support growth.

There's Always Time for Tiny.

"I don't have time" is the NUMBER ONE excuse that stops people from doing all the things in life they want to do. Followed immediately by, "I can't afford it." 
It is about breaking things down so small, there's no reason to avoid it. If five minutes still feels like a lot given your life circumstances, break it down even smaller. Keep it tiny. We can help!

Tiny is Unstoppable!

When you keep things small and doable, you build momentum. Once you've got some momentum, the possibilities are endless!  Before you know it, you're unstoppable!